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Saying good morning for the whole week is something that many like to do whether it is a Monday, in which everyone is unmotivated and sad because it is the beginning of a new week, as if it is Friday or Saturday. Here we are going to leave you the best phrases so that you can enjoy them and pass them on to all your contacts so that they can rejoice and live each of their days to the fullest. Daily Good Morning Wishes Quotes Messages Photos

daily good morning quotes wishes messages images

Good morning Sunday

  • Sometimes my work is difficult, especially in the morning. But it is thinking of you and everything negative becomes colored, positive and happy.
  • Good morning love, it is time to get up, the Moon has already gone and you have asked when the Sun is going to rise.
  • Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.
  • I hope that together we will overcome our past to have a better future present. I don’t want to be separated from you, I really like you. Happy day I love you.
  • Although it is no longer at night there is a star that always lights my heart… YOU! Good morning little one, thank you for lighting my life.
  • Today will be a very beautiful and wonderful day because today you will receive blessings and joys. God today will reward you for how much you deserve for what you are and what you mean to others. Happy day!
  • Some people want something to happen, others dream that it will happen, others make it happen.
  • I think I’m going to become an atheist because I’ve already convinced myself that heaven is here, by your side.
  • First of all, good morning darling! The most beautiful thing about getting up is knowing that you are next to me in every way.
  • Good morning love, wake up that the day has already begun and we must take advantage of it to continue loving each other and enjoy it being together.

Good morning monday

  • It has only been a few hours since we said goodbye, but the sun rises again and I am very happy to know that another day I will be able to love you, kiss you and enjoy your company.
  • Every morning when I wake up I give thanks for having found the most beautiful person in the world. I don’t know how I could have been so lucky.
  • Get up, someone out there asked for you. It’s called happiness and it’s going to give you a great day!
  • The days go by and I am happier. You know why? Because you are the first thing I think about when I wake up. You are my source of energy, you fascinate me with your sweetness, your affection and your kindness. My heart is pounding because of you.
  • This I dreamed I have dreamed of you, and, trapped in that dream, I saw it was time to wake up to say good morning to you my girl.
  • Now that you call me husband I remember when you were just my girlfriend. Now I am more in love with you than back then, but even so those memories fill me with happiness. May those beautiful memories never be forgotten! Good Morning!

Good morning tuesday

  • The sun hasn’t caught me in bed in fifty years.
  • Good morning, my love, I wish you had woken up next to me.
  • The dawn bird says that yesterday does not exist. There is no memory, nor does it mean anything. Just look at this passion that welcomes us, that has suddenly exploded, irrepressible, like the will to live.
  • Have a beautiful day my love and remember that all the time I will be thinking only of you.
  • Every morning I smile when I wake up and it is because you appear in my mind. You are what gives me energy. You are so sweet, tender and kind that I think of you in every beat of my heart.
  • Good morning love, today expect another day full of surprises and adventures.
  • There is a path at your feet, your joy is the best luggage to travel it. Good Morning!

Good morning wednesday

  • Hello Beautiful. I just wanted to remind you that you are one of the most special people in my life, and that knowing that I am counting on you makes me feel very happy. Good morning and enjoy a lot.
  • Wake up, open your serene eyes and dive into the depth of my soul, you will find my sincerest good morning in it.
  • I hope that when you are old you will try to remember beautiful phrases that will make your life happy, that you will remember those messages that I give you, because in them I express what I feel for you. I love you above all my heaven.
  • New day, new thoughts, new hopes and new opportunities.
  • I am not able to get you off my mind. An hour ago I was dreaming about you, and when I woke up you were the first thing I thought about.
  • What makes me get up in the morning is still waiting for what is to come and is not announced, it is waiting for the unexpected, and I never stop fantasizing about what is to come.
  • I love getting up and finding that you are still sleeping. So I can say good morning to you in a unique way.

Good morning thursday

  • While you sleep so deeply, I can’t stop thinking about you, wake up now my love.
  • Get up now, the time has come to start another incredible day together.
  • Today is the most beautiful day of my life, but tomorrow will be much better.
  • There is nothing better than checking that you are by my side when I wake up, you give me motivation to face the day and the pleasure of living thinking of you. Good morning my life!
  • Something spectacular has happened that has shaken my world, as if it were a shooting star of blinding light, you always occupy the first seconds of all my days.
  • All the best memories I have are by your side, because the love that I have lived with you is the greatest thing I have ever felt. Now your images are the only thing I have left of you, I miss you, I need you. May you be happy love.

Good morning Friday

  • Lose a day in the morning and you will be hunting all day.
  • Getting up to go to work every morning is a painful thing, but having you on my mind makes everything so much easier. Good morning, my love. I love you.
  • More than sleeping with you I long to get up next to you every morning love.


  • On this new day I want to wish you many blessings, I hope everything goes well for you. Ah, I forgot … I want to see you to kiss you and hug you tightly.
  • I no longer have to worry about anything, because if I wake up with you I know that nothing bad can happen.
  • If the day dawns rainy, make the sun shine with your smile. Good Morning.

Good morning saturday

  • From here I give you a virtual hug for a new day to begin. I miss you. Good morning princess.
  • I will slowly open my eyes only when yours do too, do you know why? Because the first thing I like to see when I wake up is your smile that makes my day.
  • It’s being in love with you that makes all my mornings indescribable. I love you, I love you and I love you. I wish that everything in your life turns into joy and you enjoy it.
  • After living and dreaming, there is what matters most: waking up.
  • I hope this day is the best you have had in a long time. Mine is sure to be as good as all the others, because I’ve started it over with you thinking. Good morning sweetheart.
  • I just opened my eyes and am smiling. Do you want to know the reason? Know that you and I are one. Good morning darling.
  • On a day like this, the two of us met and a great love story began. Today is beautiful sunrise every day by your side.

Good morning for the week

Having joy and happiness is a matter of starting each day with the desire to fulfill everything you have in mind, from that project that you are always putting aside, such as enjoying more of family and friends. So that they can also feel better, there is nothing like some good morning images for the week with which to share a message of happiness and encouragement, be it Monday or Sunday, but surely, on Facebook or Instagram, you will get many likes.

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