100 Funny Good Morning Lines to Wish and Make a Laugh

We all use whatsapp , facebook , instagram and other social networks. And we do chats with our friends and sometimes strangers as well. Most of the poeples do not have the idea what to chat about or How to start a conversation in a funny way. I will tell you funny good morning lines that will make peoples laugh and that is a great way to start a day.

In this post I will tell you a series of good morning lines for chats through which you can wish good morning to colleagues who are connected in the chat. It is important to look good to be able to make friends through this means of communication, so I invite you to take into account the following lines

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  • Today we start a new day and I want to celebrate it with everyone.
  • We can predict everything except where we are going to sink.
  • Today I got up with optimism, I hope you do the same.
  • Good morning, I’m ready to talk.
  • I have charged the batteries to have a good time with you.
  • Good morning, a beautiful sun has risen.
  • Today is a perfect day to meet that special someone, good morning.
  • I’m sure someone today will tell me a great story
  • You are the story that I always love to tell.
  • You and I have a date to start chatting.
  • I know that today I will meet a special person.
  • Good morning everyone, I’m ready to start talking.
  • To love someone is to find in the happiness of others an option to enjoy your own happiness.
  • Today I am sure that I will achieve my goals.
  • Good morning chat, let’s hope it’s a fun day.

Why say good morning in a chat?

it is very important to greet people when we are going to enter a chat to make ourselves known and to show that we are nice people who are in the chat to have fun and meet interesting people.

When choosing the ideal phrase to put in the chat that we like the most, it is important to look at a series of parameters. It is important to adapt to the needs of the chat so that the phrase is liked and consequently people feel interested in contacting us. Think that a striking phrase will attract the attention of third parties and consequently it will be easier for them to feel interested in speaking.

Remember, the beginning of a friendship always starts from the first conversation. To get another person to chat and want to talk to us, these types of good morning phrases will be of great help.

To be successful in the conversation it is important to eliminate prejudices and evolve to see if both parties agree on the same tastes or not. Remember, you always have to be nice to the other person. If you are and the other person is, you can be sure that the conversation will flow and you will surely find a person with whom to talk.

And who knows, you can even become great friends and meet if you live nearby to meet in person and make plans together. Below I add more phrases that will surely be very useful when saying good morning and attracting attention in a chat.

Funny  lines for good morning chats

  • The most valuable and important things in life are invisible, so no one can destroy them, being invisible keeps them safe.
  • I was complicated that he did not want to talk to me, but today I know that another person will be interested in me.
  • Today I know that I finally have to be happy.
  • You know I’ve been very scared these days, but today I know it will be a great day.
  • I have learned so much that I know that today is a day that will offer me a new opportunity.
  • Good morning, I’m ready to enjoy a great day with you.
  • Today I woke up, I looked at the sky and I thank you for being able to use this interesting chat again.
  • The bad thing is not having to live in the clouds, but having to go down.
  • I’m not sure if I’m your type, but why don’t we give ourselves a chance to find out?
  • We are just one step away from meeting, why don’t we start chatting?
  • Today I want to be able to become a perfect person by your side.
  • If you are looking for a helping hand… you just have to look for it at the end of your arm.
  • We sure have many things in common, what do you think if we take the audacity to find out?
  • Now that I see you on webcam, I have to tell you that the photo you have in the chat does not do you justice. You look much better than I imagined.
  • Good morning, sometimes I forget my mistakes. What was your name?

I hope you like these funny good morning lines to wish your friends.Smile

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