Top 100 Best Christmas Wishes Greetings Messages Quotes For Facebook

Christmas is the special time of the year when everyone celebrates the festival and show love to their friends , family and relatives. This is the perfect time to express your gratitude and help other peoples who needs you. Christmas is the perfect day to show your love and affection to the peoples whom you like and love. You can show your love by sending christmas wishes or christmas wishes images.

Christmas Wishes Messages For Facebook

Christmas Wishes Greeting Messages Quotes For Facebook


A huge dose of joy and happiness is what we all need right now. It’s been a crazy year, but we made it through it. We are stepping into a new year being stronger than ever. Joy to the world! Merry Christmas


All seasons are great for some reason. Summer is great for warmth and light, spring is for inspiration and autumn is for deep thoughts and rethinking different things. But winter is great for all these reasons, because holy Christmas includes it all. Merry Christmas!


As I walk into my Father’s house on the Christmas night, I’m becoming a child again. The smell of ginger bread that mom cooks every Christmas and bright lights that shine one the Christmas tree remind me of the good old days, and I would never change this special atmosphere for the world. Wishing you to feel exactly the same and to always be with your family during this holidays. Merry Christmas!


Christmas comes into our homes and hearts, bringing us endless joy and spreading it all around.


Christmas is a great time to share the happiest moments of the past with your family and to create new wonderful memories to cherish in the future.

Christmas is a perfect time to revaluate life and make sure that you are doing everything right. Listen to your heart and always be kind. Merry Christmas!


Christmas is not a time, it is more state of mind.
To cherish sympathy, peace, goodwill – that is what the real spirit of Christmas is.


Christmas is the kindest holiday ever which is a good reason for being kind-hearted too. Spend this Christmas night with love and kindness in your heart and you’ll see that it really makes difference. Merry Christmas!


Christmas is time for kindling the fire of hospitality at our homes
As well as flame of charity in our hearts.
Merry Christmas!


Christmas joy is bringing blessing
And embracing our hearts
With its warmth and shining charms.
Merry Christmas.



Christmas would lose it’s sense without love and solicitude filling up our souls. I hope that you will spend your Christmas with someone you really love. May the happiness light up your live. Merry Christmas!


Don’t forget that on Christmas night your dreams can actually come true. All you need is a little faith. May your fantasies become reality on this very special night. Merry Christmas!


During Christmas, we all speak the language of love, so let’s forget about the borders and differences and unite as one big family. Merry Christmas!


For me Christmas is my grandfather’s wisdom, my grandmother’s holiday cakes, my parent’s endless love and my brother’s infectious laughter. The joy I get from all those things can’t compare with anything in the whole world. I want to wish you a good memory to always remember who can make you happy. Do exactly the same for them. May your Christmas be filled with joy and peace.


For your Christmas holiday, my wishes for you are many blessings, much happiness, and even more love. I really appreciate you and your thoughtfulness. Thank you, my dear ones for staying with me. You have made my world richer for being so alive in it. May your Christmas be as meaningful and wonderful as the gift you gave, merry Christmas!


Holiday is wherever you’re with the loved ones. Wish you to have an incredible Christmas in the company of close people. Merry Christmas!


I’m sure you’ll find a lot of marvellous gifts under the Christmas tree this night. But you deserve getting presents not only at holidays. Let life surprise you every day of your life. Merry Christmas!



I believe Christmas is able to change people’s life for the better. Wish you to see wonderful things this night, which will prove you that Christmas miracle is real. Merry Christmas!

I definitely like Christmas songs, because they are always so happy. I wish you to be like a Christmas song – just as resilient and cheerful. Merry Christmas!


I don’t much like winter, but Christmas night is my favourite time of the year. It’s filled with mystery and wonder, which hold the promise of a better future. Wish you to experience the magic of this holiday in full. Merry Christmas!


I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season and an amazing start of this New Year!


In the midnight small magical snowflakes
Will fall from the sky and fulfil your desires.
Merry Christmas!


It’s not a secret that out parents have always indulged us with expensive Christmas presents and done their best to make us happy on this magical night. Although gifts are very important part of the Christmas season for all kids, their love have always been much more valuable for all of us. All I want to say is: during this wonderful holiday, don’t forget to be grateful. Merry Christmas!



It’s been a long hard year, but Christmas is the time when we gain peace of mind and a long-awaited clarity. The only true essence of Christmas is to make happy the ones you love, so don’t you ever forget about that. May this holiday season be cheerful and lively. Merry Christmas!


I wish you a warm, cosy Christmas and an unforgettable New Year Eve!



Learn to forgive, learn to love,
Learn to fly on the wings of the angel,
Let us light a Christmas candle in our hearts!


Let all troubles melt in the flame of candles,
Let the Christmas morning bring you success, strength and hope.


Let Christmas fill your home with warmth and cosiness,
Let the true feelings and true dreams always live in your heart!


Let the good times of the present become the precious memories of tomorrow.
Merry Christmas! Wish you lots of joy and happiness!


Let’s celebrate the kindness of the ones we love on this Christmas night, because without their support and tenderness we would never be this strong. May your hearts be filled with peace and joy during the whole next year. Have a very Merry Christmas!


May Santa Claus bring you plenty of gifts! May your home be filled with pure joy, bliss and peace! May the Lord shower his endless blessing on you! Here are my wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Promising New Year!


May the amazing moments spent with your closest people during Christmas keep you warm and cheerful for a long time!


May the Christmas bring you warmth, joy and patience.
May the love and peace come into your home!


May the special times of the present become the precious memories of tomorrow. Wishing you all true love, endless joy and happiness, merry Christmas!


May this Christmas be more bright for you, may it bring you lots of amazing and unforgettable moments, Merry Christmas with lots of cheer!


May this Christmas season be truly blissful to you and your dear ones!


May this holiday season be one of the most memorable ones. Open your beautiful heart to magic and never stop believing in miracles. Merry Christmas to you and your family!


May this incredible night bring much love, light and happiness into your house! And may it all stay there till the next Christmas. Wish you a happy holiday!


May your Christmas be filled with peace and joy.
May your world be filled with warmth and love throughout the year!


May your Christmas be heart-warming, full of love and laughter. Never forget that family is the most important thing in the world, and Christmas is the best time to spend with your loved ones. Merry Christmas!


Me and mine are praying for you and yours! May this bright Christmas enlighten your life with love and kindness. Let’s make this day even better by saying nice words to each other.


Merry Christmas to all! May this beautiful night stays in our memories as one of the most magical nights in our lives. Don’t forget to show a lot of affection to ones you love and laugh as loud as you can!


Merry Christmas! May this blessed day bring you a lot of positive energy and unforgettable memories. Don’t you ever forget that you are the best Christmas present for someone. Joy to the world!


My wishes for you are the happiness of friends, the joy of family and the wonders of the holiday season. Wishing you a merry holidays and a new year filled with family, friends and great times, merry Christmas!



One of the most valuable things my family taught me is that giving is much more important than receiving, and Christmas is the best time to show everyone what I’ve learned. I want to share this knowledge with you. Don’t you ever forget to give more than you receive on Christmas. May this holiday season be memorable!


On this special joyous day and all-through the years to come, may your life be filled with prosperity and good-luck. Wishing you and your loved ones true joy, happiness, strong health and prosperity in the coming New Year, merry Christmas!


Since we’re grown-ups, we don’t believe in Santa and there’s no such thing as good behaviour any more. We all make mistakes and go harsh sometimes, but today is Christmas and it means that we have to forgive ourselves and each other. Merry Christmas!


Snow, tree, lights and Christmas songs are good components for creating Christmas atmosphere, but they’re still not enough to have an ideal Christmas. Love, laughter, sincerity and generosity are far more important. Merry Christmas!


Social networks unite people. But let’s not forget about being with our families and friends in real life. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones


Stop staring into your phone and start enjoying the holidays with your family and friends! Hope you’re having the time of your life. Merry Christmas!


Such an incredible night! May this time be truly magical for you and your family, because Christmas is the night when magic happens. Happy holidays!


Thank God it’s Christmas! We’ve been waiting for it for a whole year, and now we can finally enjoy this magic. Merry Christmas!


The Christmas madness that takes place in different kinds of shops sometimes can be extremely annoying and tiresome. May you find a person who can help you to cope with this. Merry Christmas!


There’s only one thing in your life that can and should (since there’s less cleaning and cut down trees) be fake: Christmas tree. And as for everything else, I wish you only true feelings, genuine words and honest people in your way. Merry Christmas!


The most valuable and magical Christmas present is love, and you don’t even need Santa to get you one. Show some love to everyone who surrounds you, including yourself, and you will never forget this marvellous night. Merry Christmas!


Today is a magical Christmas day,
A time when all your wishes come true.
So I wish you everything, that you need most!


We all stray from the path sometimes. And just as the Star of Bethlehem heralded the birth of hallowed Christ, I wish that the light of this magic holiday would show you the right way. Merry Christmas!


What can be better than enjoying the company of everyone you love on the most magical night of the year? Let’s raise our glasses for another year of pure unconditional love and happiness. Merry Christmas!


Whatever is wonderful, whatever brings you joy and happiness, may it be yours this magical season, as well as the coming year. Wishing you and your family all the best, merry Christmas!


When I come back to my parent’s house I feel like I’m bringing back my childhood. Their care and love never change and always make me feel protected, and it’s particularly evident on the Christmas night. So may you always love your inner child and don’t forget that you should take care about the ones who take care of you. Merry Christmas!


When I was a child, I always tried to do only good things so Santa could give me nice presents only. But we all grow up and make a lot of mistakes in our lives. So here is my wish for you: even if Santa doesn’t forgive you for what you’ve done, find someone who always will. Merry Christmas!


When the stars begin to shine and the moon shows up, just look at the sky and feel the magic of Christmas night and the unity of the world. This wonderful feeling is enough to be happy. Merry Christmas!


When you wake up this wonderful Christmas morning,
Think of people, that you love,
Forgive for everything that was or was not,
Celebrate without any anger in the heart.
Merry Christmas.


Wishing you luck and hope,
Faith and mystery,
Good health and many gifts.
Joy and the warmest smiles!
Merry Christmas!


With the festive spirit around, coupled with the fun and cheer, Christmas is the perfect time to express your love, to your loved ones near and dear, so have a blessed time with everyone, Merry Christmas!



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